MSP Voice: Omri Wallach’s big app idea

It is common for the human brain to sometimes have the best ideas on a certain subject when completely focused on something else. This is exceptionally true to University students, but can also be referred to as ‘procrastinating’. Case in point: There I was, studying for my final exams and living off of coffee and hot pockets, when a brilliant idea for a Windows Phone 7 app finally lodges itself in my brain. You get ideas from the strangest sources, and mine was of course spur-of-the-moment.

I listen to music constantly when I study (or work, or live for that matter), and when there is no source of music I make my own. Tapping on tables, humming tunes... I must be the pet peeve of every co-worker in existence. So, in the midst of studying with no music and humming some nonsensical tune, I get an epiphany. What if there was an app for that? Then, instead of studying (because my brain hurt of boredom), I expanded the idea. An app that could make basic beats and background music for songs. You set a bass-line, set a snare on repeat, set a couple of notes on a trumpet to loop every 4 bars, and you have the building blocks to the next great pop-song. Save all your blocks together as an mp3, plug it into your computer program later, and really make the music happen.

The key is that instead of having to jot down notes on a piece of paper or try to remember a great idea in your head (think “dum dum da da daaaa dum dum”), you literally save your idea and master it later. That being said, no one steal my idea, as the 3rd and final round of the Battle of the Apps is accepting submissions right now. A free phone and a potential trip to Australia? You bet I’m going to submit my app. See you on the judging side.

Omri Wallach
Microsoft Student Parter | UBC

The third and final round of Battle of the Apps ( closes on June 15th.

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