Get Microsoft Certified!

As students, we get equally excited and worried as we get closer and closer to our graduation day. While the degree of anxiety due to uncertainty of what happens next might differ, in the end, most of us are primarily concerned about one thing – landing that first job.

There are numerous ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd and give your first interviewer a reason to hire you. One way is to get Microsoft Certified!

Microsoft Certification is a way of proving to your potential employers that you have mastered an area of technology, and have a certificate to prove it. In the same way that your college/university degree shows that you received years of broad education in a given field, certification in a specific part of the field shows that you mastered that area.

Still unsure and need just one more reason to be convinced? Until June 30, 2011 you can get certified for free! Simply head over to and use your school account to sign up for certification for no fee. If your school is not on the list or you’re unable to get your Live ID verified, email to receive a coupon. Remember, you have until June 30, 2011 to both redeem the coupon/sign-up on dreamspark and finish the exam.

Here are some thoughts about getting certified from students just like you.




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