Wanting to secure a successful career in the IT industry?

Go for IT is a one hour session
that will allow you to learn from one of our best technical evangelist what it
takes to help secure a successful career in the IT industry. Based on many
years of experience, current economics, hiring practice and customer
discussions, this 1 hour session will equip you with easy tips and tricks that
can be followed to get you on a successful path to your future career. Come
with an open mind and an opportunity for you to ask questions.

If you think you and your class
mates would benefit from this session, then pass on the details to your
professor. We would need your professor to contact us if they would like this
delivered to their students.

Go for IT! Pass it
on to your professor today

This 1 hour live meeting session is offered to colleges and
universities students across Canada. All that is required to set this up is a
classroom or auditorium, a projector, a laptop or desktop computer equipped
with sound and a webcam and an unblocked internet connection. We will try to
accommodate any schedule so please provide proposed date and time when making
this request.

For Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary, this event can be
done in person as well.

For information, send an email to godevmental@microsoft.ca

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