Code Your Heart Out – Competition


Code Your Art Out  coding competition launched on March 1st and runs until June 1st.  Show off your developer skills and earn up to 15k while helping out your community!   Check  here for more details.  



You have a good
Web project idea that could help a non-profit organization? You need to register for the
competition. You will help an organization, and you get a chance to win some
amazing prize:


  • First place: 10 000$;
  • Second place: 5 000$;
  • If you choose a project from the list TechSoup made,
    and you finish at the first or second place, you could win another 5



  1. Your application will be judge by three main criterias: Interoperability,
    Creativity and Usability.
  2. Your application will need to run on IIS or on Windows Azure.



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