2011 Canadian Competition on Microsoft Office – Trip to California

Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office is the best kept secret in Canada.
Students who write their
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
exam in Word or Excel 2010, or Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 have this
chance at their fingertips yet few realize how big of an opportunity it can be.
All they have to do is select the option to enter their score and the score
they get on the MOS exam will automatically be submitted. In June,
CCI Learning
Solutions Inc.
will contact the top students and ask them to
compete on behalf of Canada at the
Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office in
August 2011. This year the competition is being held at the Torrey Pines Hilton
in San Diego, California in conjunction with
Certiport’s Global Partner Summit.

One might ask why
this is such a big opportunity. Well, take it from someone who’s been through
it all.
Emily Daubert was the Canadian
Champion in Word 2007 last year. Her score of 100% in 11 minutes beat the rest
of the competitors in Canada and she was offered the chance to represent her
country at the Worldwide competition in Park City, Utah. The fact that she can
say that she is #1 in the country in Microsoft Office Word 2007 is not something
you hear every day. Since this competition coincided with her graduating
college and finding a job, this addition to her resume was definitely a talking
point. She was offered multiple jobs that she would never have had the chance
at before winning the Canadian competition.

Then, at the
worldwide competition in August 2010, Emily surprised everyone by winning the
Word 2007 category and the title of “World Champion”. Considering that there
were 54 countries at this event and that no one from North America had ever
won, this was something to celebrate. It truly changed her life and gave her a
unique perspective on digital literacy that few have. Even more job offers came
in after her win but she chose to work with the company that sponsored her to go
to the competition –
CCI Learning Solutions. Now she is building
a career that she couldn’t have even imagined before she got her MOS
certifications and participated in the Canadian and Worldwide competitions.

Hopefully her success
story can motivate students to get certified and try their best on the MOS
exams – to start thinking “imagine if…” and give students the inspiration to be
more than they thought possible. If they are chosen to represent Canada, they will
get to experience something that will be a once in a lifetime event. Students
will meet Microsoft representatives, other students from around the world, and
champions of digital literacy; the contacts they make at the competition will
give their career a major boost.

If a student is ready
to write their MOS exam, they need to go to an
approved testing centre before June 15,
2011 and take the exam in one of the five categories mentioned above. June 15
is the deadline to write a qualifying MOS exam and
CCI Learning
will contact the top students soon after. The
winning students must be between the ages of 13 and 22 in addition to being
enrolled in an approved academic institution. For more information on the
Canadian competition, visit the site at

I hope this sparked
some excitement in the minds of those reading this blog. It’s not impossible
and it’s certainly not out of anyone’s reach. Good luck to everyone that’s
hoping to score high on their MOS exam and I hope that I’ll see you in August!




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