Women in Technology: Lynn Langit – "SoCalDevGal" By Genevieve L’Esperance – MSP

When you talk about speaking several languages you probably start thinking of the usual suspects; English, French, Spanish, German and so on. But Lynn’s ‘languages”, and yes she actually has a BS in linguistics from the Minnesota State University, also includes technical languages such as C# as well as database  expertise in T-SQL, Business Intelligence, OLAP, Data Warehousing, SSAS, Data Mining, LINQ, WCF, WF, C#, ORM.

Lynn is better known around technical blogs worldwide as the SoCalDevGal as she heralds from Southern California. But Lynn can seldom be found at home. In fact Lynn is such a dynamic and fascinating techie that she is constantly speaking or teaching somewhere in the world. What makes her even more amazing is her unbelievable passion for taking technology and bringing it to girls the world over and engaging them in her world for a day through the Digigirlz camps and now through her not-for-profit Teaching Kids Programming organization. 

In fact this is where I got my opportunity to take my passion for helping girls “get IT” and bringing this experience to places like Washington. Malvern PA and Moncton, New Brunswick.  It was Lynn and her partner Llewellyn Falco who helped me get understand the potential this program held for changing kids’ lives. It’s obvious Lynn thrives on her community work and her most exciting project is also where she “vacations” every year; South Africa. That current project is called SmartCare, which is an electronic medical records system being deployed nation-wide in Zambia.  Its projects like these that show us three important things:

1)      Girls in IT are doing amazing things with technology because they lean towards social issues and how to solve them. In this case Lynn uses technology as he “platform”

2)      Technology can be used to change the way some of the poorest countries deal with serious issues around health, education and sustainability.

3)      Girls teaching girls how to sue technology: Lynn’s program has proven itself over and over again to help girls realize that what most girls would view as the impossible, programming, is something they really get. I’ve seen it firsthand and I cannot wait to deliver my next sessions in Mountain View CA at Dare2Bdigitial this coming weekend.


At the end of 2010 Lynn did her Top Ten “people to Watch” I am humbled to say that Lynn included me in that list because of our collaboration on Teaching Girls Programming, the offshoot I developed from the TKP events.  To even be mentioned by Lynn is huge honor because she is one of the most respected people in the tech world and she is in demand from all over to speak and teach on the latest platform developments. 



Lynn is truly the one to watch. Her work is only surpassed by her passion for seeing change, the kind that with the help of technology is giving people the chance to reach for the impossible and bring a better life to people in places we can only dream to duplicate. But then again that’s why I’m in technology in the first place and I just hope to accomplish half of what Lyn has done.

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