Enable Wireless networking in Windows Server 2008

When installing Windows Server 2008, you probably noticed that you can’t connect to a wireless network. In fact, Windows Server 2008 is unable to find wireless networks. This is not a problem with your wireless card or its driver. It’s due to a security feature of Windows Server 2008.

To be able to connect to a wireless network with Windows Server 2008, the first thing you have to do is to add the “Wireless LAN Service” feature as shown below:

1.       Open the Server Manager by clicking on Start è Administrative tools è Server Manager;

2.       Under Server Manager, click on Features;

3.       On the Features page, click Add Feature;

4.       Locate the “Wireless LAN Service” in the list, enable its corresponding checkbox and click Next;

5.       Click on Install to start the installation process;


6.       Click on Close after the installation process finishes;

Once this is done, you now need to start the corresponding service (if not already started). To do this:

1.       Open the Server Manager and click Configuration and then Services;

2.       Click WLAN AutoConfig and click the Start button;

3.       Now you can connect to your wireless network as you do with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

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