Enable Vista theme in Windows Server 2008

When installing Windows Server 2008, you probably noticed that you’re running in Windows Classic theme. If you’re fan of the Windows Vista theme, you can benefit from it in Windows Server 2008. All you have to do is to enable one service as described below.

NOTE: using the same procedure as below, you can enable Windows 7 theme on Windows Server 2008 R2.

To be able to run in Windows Vista theme in Windows Server 2008, you have to enable the “Themes” service as follows:

1.       Open the Server Manager by clicking on Start è Administrative tools è Server Manager;


2.       Click on Configuration è Services, and locate the Themes service. If it is not started, start it by clicking the Play button in the toolbar.


3.       Go to Control Panel è Personalization and click on the Theme link;


4.       The Theme window opens. Select Windows Vista in the dropdown list and click OK;

Enjoy the Windows Vista theme in your Windows Server 2008 installation!


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