The Imagine Cup Journey- Part 2: "Quitting"

So this was the competition I have been waiting for.  This was the year where I said to myself that I will do something beyond and execute to the end.  Imagine Cup is about my big chance to bring world-changing concepts and designs to life.  And I quit.  3 weeks into the project and things did not go the way the team had envisioned.  Two good friends who I talked to extensively about the project had suddenly become uninterested.   As we progressed deeper into the design and mapping out commitments for each member, everyone realized what potential challenges and the degree of work that laid ahead.  This was a project that started in early September and a month had passed without much advancement.  Things lingered on and the team members dispatched when the first wave of midterms came swooshing in.  I lost motivation in the midst of everyone’s disbelief of a feasible solution to help developing nations.  I recall staring off in space for an hour at the library thinking of what to do next when my stomach started to growl.  It made this low constant tumbling sound and acted like a reminder that somewhere in this world, someone was suffering from hunger.  I quickly packed up and went to grab a cookie.  While munching on the cookie, I drafted up an email asking to meet with the dispatched team one more time to discuss the possibilities.  The meeting was successful and yet not.  Two of the original four members were still not interested based on the project ideas and their other commitments.  But what came out of that meeting was the root of our solution.  We mapped out together the reasons we believe problems exist in developing countries.  From those reasons we prioritized their importance on impact and how feasible a software solution might be given the time frame.  The only bright side of having two friends quit the team was finally finalizing the competition category we were competing in and deciding on creating a food churning machine.  This was exciting because we had an idea to grow from now and it was a refresh from the gloomy disbelief spirit.    



The philosphy behind Imagine Cup is about working together and letting your ideas soar across and beyond any barriers that may exist.  It is about solving today’s toughest, most challenging issues on a global level and within your own region.   Visit to find out how you can make an impact today!  Together we can change the world, one line of code at a time.       


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