2 in 1! A Metro primer and a webcast.

If you waited on reading my 5-part Metro and Mobile app design series until the final post, there’s great news in that you can now read each of them online.  Also, if you want an overview of the developer perspective of Windows Phone, from a development standpoint as well as a Marketplace and marketing strategy standpoint, I will be conducting an in-depth webcast on this on Thursday, January 19th, 2012.

metroLast week I published a five-part series on Metro and mobile app design in general.  It has received a great deal of interest and I wanted to make sure that everyone that was interested in reading the full series knew where to find it.  As a result, you can find the 5-part series here:


Finally, as a heads-up, I will be conducting a webcast on developing for Windows Phone 7.5 on Thursday, January 19th at starting at 1PM ET (10AM PT).  In this webcast, I will be talking about how to develop apps for Windows Phone 7.5, discussing the Marketplace and strategies for making your app more marketable on the Marketplace and I’ll probably smatter in some of the concepts I talked about in my blog series above as well for good measure.  If you’re interested in joining me, you can register for free – I’ll “see” you there!

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