TechDays Post-Event Resources: Windows Client/Windows Phone Track

TechDays is in full swing, with (as of the time of writing of this post), TechDays Toronto complete and TechDays Vancouver and Montreal upcoming, now is a good time to provide you with some post-conference resources that you can refer to if you want to try out the technologies from the sessions you saw in the Windows Client / Windows Phone track.  So without further delay, here are the post-event resources you can use to get further acquainted with the technologies discussed in the track:


  • HTML5/Internet Explorer
    •  A resource site that shows off some great HTML5-driven sites.
    •  How to build pinned sites, all in one website.
    •  A site to test out some examples of standards-compliance on your browser and some next generation web capabilities.





Happy exploring!  I hope these post-event resources help you start trying the technologies you saw at TechDays!

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