7 Apps In 7 Days

7 Apps in 7 DaysShortly after Victoria Day, Atley Hunter (@atleyhunter), a local GTA developer, and Phone geek, sent me an email letting me know of a challenge that he had set up for himself – he was going to write 7 Windows Phone 7 applications in 7 days.

The premise of the challenge was to start in the morning with a new app idea, code the app during the day, test it, and then release the application to the Windows Phone Marketplace before 11:59:59 PM each day. Sounds fun, eh? He chronicled the challenge, code, commentary, and all on his blog.

Check it out!

So what’s the lesson from this challenge? Developing applications for Windows Phone 7 is a breeze! If you’re tossing around the idea of creating a phone app, stop tossing. Start doing! Getting your next big app idea out to the world doesn’t have to be a big project. As Atley mentions in his summary:

… I could get apps done even faster than I previously thought. I have always said that the tools were fantastic, easy to use and the most complete I had ever seen for a mobile platform. Doing this just proved that to me without a doubt.

For those of you already creating phone apps, you know this already! So I challenge you, similar to what Atley has done – take your app ideas, code them, test them, and see how fast you can get them all in to the Marketplace!

When you’re done, share the challenge of your story in this LinkedIn discussion in the Ignite Your Coding: Mobile Development group.

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