My tryst with IoT (Internet of Things) –Part 1

Adarsha Datta
Adarsha Datta

I finally decided to delve in this wave that everyone seems to be talking about – Internet of Things! Through this series, I will describe my experience with each of the components that I get to play with. After speaking to a lot of startups, attending several IOT architecture sessions, reading about the various associated…


Eye of the Intern: Sneaking into //oneweek, TechReady, Imagine Cup, HoloLens and the Guinness Book of World Records

Last week your favourite Technical Evangelist Intern took a workation at the mothership (aka Redmond) and got invoked in a bunch of life changing events. In this blog post, he discusses some of those events as experienced during one of the busiest weeks on campus this year. Follow Mansib’s journeys on Eye of the Intern…