Microsoft Patterns & Practices: Composite Application Guidance for WPF

I’m sure many of you have seen Microsoft’s Patterns & Practices website and I’ll bet a large number of you have read the best practices guidance there and used the application blocks available there. Well, a new guidance stream is available on the site, this one specific to providing prescriptive guidance on WPF (Windows Presentation…


Project type between VS2005 and VS2008

During the Heroes Happen Here events, I received a fair amount of questions regarding the combine use of VS 2005 and VS 2008 in development teams. Since VS 2008 allow the targeting of 2.0 framework, what happens if you open and save the solution with 2008 to the 2005 users. I found this blog post…

Michael Amanfi on Windows Workflow Foundation and Team Workflow

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to chat with Michael Amanfi on the roof of my building about his work with Windows Workflow Foundation and specifically, his community project called Team Workflow – a workflow authoring and process automation tool built on Windows Workflow Foundation to help teams create, distribute and track tasks to drive team collaboration….


.NET Framework 3.0 Webcasts Still Available

If you visit our Ignite Your Coding webpage (, you’ll notice that we are in the midst of running a webcast series on Office and SharePoint 2007 development – I highly encourage you to sign up, it will be a good series. But what about the content we previously had on the page with regards to…

.NET Framework 3.0 Webcasts Now Available

In case you missed it, we posted all the .NET Framework 3.0 webcasts (including the .NET Framework 3.0 overview presentation with Christian Beauclair) on our Ignite Your Code website. If you are interested in Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, and Windows CardSpace – check them out! 


Ignite Your Coding – .NET Framework 3.0 Webcast Series

Last year, we launched the the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0. During the Launch Tour, we gave you a little taste of our new APIs. Now it’s time to go deep – the .NET Framework 3.0 Webcast Series will provide you with some great information to help you build rich, visually compelling user experiences and virtually seamless communication across multiple technologies….

[Announcements] Register now for the 2007 Microsoft Office System and Windows Vista Business Value Launch!

The launch of Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office System is just around the corner! Our Developer Advisor team will be coming across Canada to present on the latest developer innovations in the .NET Framework 3.0, the Office 2007 APIs and Windows SharePoint 2007.   The day will start with a keynote and then be…


Montreal Code Camp – Introducing Windows Communication Foundation

Thanks to everyone who participated at the Code Camp Montréal! The event was a big success, in part due to the hard work of Guy Barrette, Jean-René Roy, Mario Cardinal, the speakers and the volunteers. I took a photo of some of the speakers at the event. You can check them out here: At the event, I did a…


WinFX Runtime Components (February CTP) Released

Earlier today, the WinFX Runtime Components (February CTP) was released. According to Tim Sneath, Windows Vista Technical Evangelist, this release represents “a big step forward for Windows Presentation Foundation”. (You can read more here.) Here is a list of the available downloads for this release: WinFX Runtime Components Windows SDK Visual Studio “Orcas” Preview -…