Learning by doing

I wanted to share some information about an internal project my team is working on. My team is a group of technical advisors that support our large ecosystem of Canadian Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who build commercial solutions on our platform. One of our ongoing challenges is to understand all of the many technologies available…


On a Cloud: Soft Delete & Data Architecture

Soft Delete This video is a quick overview on why it is important to implement soft deletes on your data. With data being the most tangible commodity a developer works with it makes sense to protect it. Data Architecture A beginners overview of some of my fundamentals that I use when looking at data storage….


On a Cloud: Deployment & MQC

Deployment Cadence During my last start-up our team started extremely lean. We utilized Azure Web Apps and wanted to build our site fast, and respond to user feedback in near real-time. By using Git (GitHub) as our deployment mechanism and Web Apps, 2 of us were able to push upwards of 220 builds to production…


On a Cloud: Entropy & Precision Scheduling

Cloud: High Entropy Systems A mad dash through computer history, and onto why high entropy systems work well in cloud environments. I outline a few reasons why entropy is important and summarize why as an industry are looking at breaking down systems into small pieces, such as the introduction of micro-services. And a couple real…


On a Cloud: Data & Secrets

Data Platform Choices Understanding what options you have to store your data is critical. At a high level this video tries to simplify and layout of Data Systems SQL databases Object data stores (NoSQL) Table data stores (NoSQL) Binary data stores (NoSQL)   My Scalability Secret The one thing that we never talk about is the human element…


On a Cloud: Projects & Advanced Dequeuing

General Project Layout  My general thoughts that guide me in deciding which services to use and also how to structure the code projects to add the most value to the project. PaaS over IaaS Projects layout & SDK’s   Dequeue Dynamics  A deeper look into dequeuing; this wraps three key elements to ensuing scale while…


On a Cloud: Queue Batches

Queue: Batch Sizes  Building up on the queue fundamentals, in this video I cover the important of using batches of messages when you are trying to optimize for messaging throughput. Enabling high-throughput messaging systems Concerns to think about during design   Queue: Dynamic Batch Sizes  After working with batches for some time, I got really…


On a Cloud: Queues

In my first two videos I have presented a couple quick overviews of Queues and a very typical queuing pattern. Both videos tackle queuing from a generic perspective and you can apply these to almost any queuing technology available today.   Basic Overview I posted a quick video on when and how you use queues….


Be More, Do More with Developer Movement

If you like to play with code, you’ll want to read on. Join Developer Movement, Microsoft Canada’s developer rewards program, and earn points for every challenge you complete! Points can be redeemed for a number of great prizes including #DevMov swag, gaming mice/keyboards, Xbox One consoles, Windows Phones and even the coveted Surface Pro 3….

Our industry does not respect tradition, it only respects innovation: Imagine Cup Canada Announced!

Imagine Cup 2015 has been announced. If you are a Canadian Student and not participating in the ultimate global student technology competition, you are missing out! In this blog post, I will discuss specific details about the Innovation Category.   “Our industry does not respect tradition, it only respects innovation.” – Satya Nadella If you…