How to Pin a Website And Why to Pin a Website

I was just preparing a slide deck to talk about IE9 features at the Microsoft Certified Trainer summit and realized, that although I have blogged about how to update your pinned sites, I really haven’t taken the time to explain what the heck pinned sites are and how they work. Pinned sites are a fantastic…


Multi-Platform Apps with HTML5 and IE9

“We should make an app”, says your boss while playing with her new smartphone. This statement tends to can get very expensive and scary for developers since there are so many “app” platforms out there. Yet, it is a totally valid request from a product owner. Luckily for us, Microsoft has our back by giving…


How do you update a Pinned Site in IE9? Part 2

Pinned sites are such a cool feature, easy to implement, and they give a great themed look and feel to your website in IE9. But as soon as we implement a feature for a user, the user changes their mind or adds a new requirement. A while ago I wrote a blog describing how to…


How do you update a Pinned Site in IE9? (The One Constant in Code is Change!)

I love pinned sites in IE9, they really are cool, and they are good business. At the last IE9 code camp, I was asked “If someone has pinned your site to their taskbar, how can you update the pinned functionality?” Great question! I did a little digging and wanted to share what I found out….