Hopefully you enjoyed exploring one of the hands on experiences you can bring to teach kids to code! If you are teaching others to code here are some resources you may find helpful.

Course materials

Creative Coding through Games and Apps

Creative Coding through Games and Apps is a complete course you can use to engage early adolescent learners in their first extended exploration of computer science. The course delivers a full semester of learning via an innovative combination of hands-on tutorials, animated video instruction, in-class lessons, projects and assessments. Accessible via any modern web browser on any device, and teachable by any teacher, regardless of technology background, Creative Coding through Games and Apps is designed to attract to Microsoft a large audience of young students - and their teachers –to learn about computer science. With each course adoption, Creative Coding through Games and Apps will on average deliver 1,800 student-hours of Microsoft learning engagement – per course section, per semester, ongoing into the future - as schools base and build their computer science program on repeated offers of the curriculum.

Self paced learning

Learn to code with CODExist: the Birth of Bot teaches you how to build a video game from scratch using Touch Develop. It’s a more complete version of the tutorial you saw at CANWIC.

Learn to Code with CODExist: Bot Levels Up teaches you how to add new elements to your video game. has other self-paced on demand courses you can recommend to students to learn Python, HTML, JavaScript, C# and more.  has lots of different guided tutorials you can try to explore Touch Develop Is the Microsoft student website, you can visit this site to find contests, tutorials, and other great resources for students who are interested in coding

Coding Challenges, competitions and reward programs

Canadians may want to check out and find out how completing coding challenges can earn you points you can cash in for rewards! Students between 13-18 years old, check out the student challenges designed for beginner coders. has contests for many different ages and skill levels

Cool artwork for your apps and games!

Find royalty free art assets kids can use to make their games look professional here (zombies, fantasy, underwater, and more…)

Skype in the classroom

is a program that provides teachers with an ad-free version of Skype so they can

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