Machine Learning Workshop

Exploring Machine Learning

Machine learning is a powerful tool, you may want to spend more time exploring it's capabilities on Azure

Data Science and Machine Learning Essentials on MVAData Science and Machine Learning Essentials     Getting Started with Microsoft Azure Machine LearningGetting Started with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning    Create your first machine learning experiment and deploy it as web servicePredict the future with Machine Learning

What do I do when my Azure pass runs out?


Students get some free Azure services through Microsoft DreamSpark

How does a student get a free DreamSpark account?

How do I activate the Azure benefits in DreamSpark?

Use the guest sign in for Machine Learning Studio

Azure Machine Learning studio has a free trial option of it's own. You can run experiments, but you cannot create web services.

Machine Learning Studio trial mode

Machine Learning Documentation

How much does it cost to buy

There is a pricing calculator you can use to get a sense of the cost to use Azure services including Azure Machine Learning. The price depends on the number of users (seats) and the number of experiment hours.

Pricing calculator

Jobs at Microsoft

For students interested in working at Microsoft, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about jobs at Microsoft

Student jobs at Microsoft FAQ

Keep learning and get rewards!

Cloud Training Microsoft Imagine MVA Student Visual Studio Community

Don't forget if you are exploring websites and the cloud you may be able to earn rewards through Developer Movement (Canada only).

Use your cloud skills to enter competitions such as Hello Cloud, visit for contest details as well as tutorials and other great student resources.

You can get Visual Studio Community for free .

For Linux and OS X users try Visual Studio code for free!

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