Creating an Online Resume

Your next employer is going to look you up online. You can influence what they see by creating an online resume. In this series of posts we share everything you need to create an online resume!

Where can I host it?

Consider hosting it with Microsoft Azure. Students get basic web hosting for free on Azure through Microsoft DreamSpark

How does a student get a free DreamSpark account?

How do I activate the Azure benefits in DreamSpark?

How do I build it?

Azure can host websites created with HTML & CSS, Node.js, PHP, ASP.NET and more. But to build a website as quickly as possible you may want to look into a tool such as WordPress.

What should I include in an online resume?

We asked some of the hiring managers and recruiters at Microsoft to share some DOs and DONTs for online resumes. Please keep in mind, that opinions on what makes the perfect resume are going to vary. In the end there is no magic formula for the perfect online resume. This should help you understand some of the differences between a paper and online resume, and how to make the most of the online format.

DOs and DONTs of online resumes

For students interested in working at Microsoft, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about jobs at Microsoft

Student jobs at Microsoft FAQ

Learn all the ins and outs of hosting websites on Azure, check out the course Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: websites

Use your cloud skills to enter competitions such as Hello Cloud, visit for contest details as well as tutorials and other great student resources.

You can get Visual Studio Community for free . For Linux and OS X users try Visual Studio code for free!

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