Apress’ “Windows Azure Platform”…and Discounts!

The Book I do believe I’ll be ordering an ebook edition of Apress’ Windows Azure Platform. Here’s Apress’ description of the book: Master Microsoft’s brand-new cloud-computing technology with Windows Azure Platform by Tejaswi Redkar. You’ll learn how to utilize Azure’s four core components— Windows Azure, .NET Services, SQL Services, and Live Services—both separately and together…


Holiday Wishes from All of Us!

We folks in Microsoft Canada’s DPE (Developer and Platform Evangelism) team really, really, really love our jobs. We love technology, we love people, and we love combining the two. That’s why it’s sometimes hard for us to tear ourselves away from our computers… However, as much as we’re into our work, we’re taking some time…


The Vendor/Client Relationship

How’d I miss this video? At TechDays Winnipeg, Dylan Smith of ANVIL Digital (and speaker in the “Fundamentals” track), showed me this it’s-funny-because-it’s-true video that’s been around since May that looks at the vexing expectations that clients have of vendors in IT and the creative industries: This article also appears in Global Nerdy.


The “Fanboys” Meme Continues (Microsoft Languages as Seen by Their Fanboys)

It could be turning into a meme! Hot on the heels of my How Fanboys See Operating Systems post in my personal tech blog, Global Nerdy, which got a good deal of attention on Reddit and other link-sharing sites came Ruby Inside’s How Programming Language Fanboys See Each Other’s Languages, and now there’s How Microsoft…


Top 25 Companies in 1999/2009 and Consumerization

As the decade draws to a close, you’re likely to see more and more articles and charts with a “decade in review” theme. Since technology is both my passion and the way I pay the rent, as well as an amorphous, unpredictable beast, I make note of those that look at changes in the field….


Geek Book Deals from Manning and Apress

I wanted to post this earlier, but a number of things, shopping included, conspired to keep me from blogging until just now. If you’re reading this and it’s still December 21st, Manning Publications, publishers of fine books such as C# in Depth, Real-World Functional Programming, ASP.NET MVC in Action and The Art of Unit Testing and…


Scenes from TechDays Winnipeg

It’s hard to believe, but the seven-city cross-Canada tour known as TechDays 2009 is over. We had the last one – TechDays Winnipeg – on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week. Here are some photos I shot during the event. The Day Before TechDays Winnipeg Of all the TechDays venues, I would have to hand…


D’Arcy Lussier on Luchador Hijinks and Dot-Netrosexuals

All work and no play makes Joey a dull developer, which is why even though we make sure that TechDays is chock-full of content that developers and IT pros can use in their day-to-day work and stay on top of their tech, we also like to have a little fun. For example, in the video…


Working in the Kitchen

Microsoft Ottawa’s Kitchen. It has a decent view. Every Microsoft office has a “touchdown area”, a place filled with cubicles where visiting or mobile workers can work. I avoid these like the plague. Thanks to all the work I’ve done in cafes or coworking spaces, I prefer to set up in Microsoft’s “kitchen” spaces. The…


Next Stop: Winnipeg!

At long last, we come to the last city in TechDays’ seven-city conference tour: Winnipeg! The combination of venue availability and perhaps a little masochism puts me and my coworkers in a city notorious for brutal winters in mid-December. Take a look at the weather forecast for the days I will be there: (If you’re…