How to manage AllJoyn devices in C#: LIFX Color 1000 Example

In the previous video we discussed, how to onboard an AllJoyn device using Visual Studio, C# and Windows 10 AllJoyn features (How to onboard AllJoyn devices in C#: LIFX Color 1000 Example).

Today, I am going to show, how we can start working with an “onboarded” AllJoyn device.

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  1. dotMorten says:

    Great video! Great to see some use of the DeviceProviders libs.
    Just wanted to add a few tips. First I’ve published the device providers library as a nuget here:

    Secondly, I’ve created a library for controlling common AllJoyn devices in an easy type-safe way. You can get that nuget here:
    Or get the full source and samples here:

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