On a Cloud: Projects & Advanced Dequeuing

General Project Layout

 My general thoughts that guide me in deciding which services to use and also how to structure the code projects to add the most value to the project.

  • PaaS over IaaS
  • Projects layout & SDK's


Dequeue Dynamics

 A deeper look into dequeuing; this wraps three key elements to ensuing scale while pull data off of a queue. By making Batch Size, Frequency and Thread count dynamic you change the dequeue rate drastically. A general concept is enabling the highest throughput, while keeping the costs as low as possible. The ideas in this video are captured in an Open Source project on GitHub which is released through NuGet.

  • Batch Size based on processing duration
  • Frequency based on messages from queue
  • Thread count based on message count in queue

 For more information check on these Open Source projects on GitHub

These are also available for download via NuGet

Connect with me on GitHub; or ask me questions on Twitter.

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