On a Cloud: Capacity

In these two videos I cover some ways to think about server resources or capacity which enable to save money and improve throughput. Once you understand your needed capacity, and how you can scale through the use of scale units you will really be enabling the power of cloud computing.

Capacity Planning

This video is about how I view horizontal scale; and how I determine when the right time to vertically scale a workload up. Here is a simplified overview of what the video contains:

  • Determine your baseline resources
  • Determine maximum thresholds of resources
  • Maximize cost savings

Scale Unit

What is a scale unit and how does it affect my scalability? This video covers a simple example of what a scale unit is, and helps you to envision how your application can scale to meet demands.

  • What is a scale unit?
  • What benefits do I get from determining my scale unit?
  • How can I scale beyond a single scale unit?

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