How to build Universal Windows applications for EZ-B controller without coding at all

I already published two posts about my experience with EZ-B controller from EZ-Robot. I told about Universal Robot SDK and how to use it in Visual Studio for developing Universal applications. But EZ-Robot provides one more important advantage for people who don’t have knowledge in software development at all – EZ Builder tool for Windows. This tool allows to implement different scenarios for robots using graphical tools and without any coding.

I didn’t mention this tool previously because it didn’t support Universal Windows Platform. But this week EZ-Robot successfully implemented and published an update for EZ-Builder which allows to develop something in EZ-Builder and generated C# code based on your sketches there. So, you just need to compile it in order to get Windows 10 application.

You can see more details using this video overview. It’s great way to start learn robotics for children.

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