30 Days of Bootstrap with the MVC Framework – Revisited

Over the last several years I've had the privilege of meeting some great folks across the country, great developers who have solid jobs and who are typically focused on long-running projects. The barrier, they say, to jumping into a new language, technology or framework is simply that they don’t have enough time. Soon enough, those “new” bits are on version 5 and it can seem overwhelming to try to join the fray.

The MVC Framework provides a number of great extension points to customize how content is built and rendered, and the Bootstrap library gives you an easy way to build consistent, great-looking pages across your site. The default ASP.NET templates now use Bootstrap as the style language, but there are endless possibilities to make it even easier to use.

To bridge the gap between time and newness, I’m writing a short, consumable post each day that you should be able to work through in 15 minutes or less. It introduces or expands on a concept, gives you a code sample and walks you through implementing it. I hope to shed some insight into some of the tips, tricks and techniques you’ll need and want to have to be successful in your MVC applications.

The Breakdown

Warming Up

Enhancing Our Views

Exploring Bootstrap

Special Announcement!

Adding Some Sparkle

So, You’ve Got People Logging In

Wrapping Up With Some More Bootstrap

MVC Courses

If you’re the type that likes a more course like structure to learning, there are a few courses on Microsoft Virtual Academy that cover MVC. You can check them out here:

Source Code and Book Now Available

I had many requests through the series to post the completed source code for the project that I created, and I’m happy to share that now. View the Completed Project on GitHub >>

I will note that this is how the project is at the end of the series and things do change. Some of the days later on in the exercises are refactorings over the earlier work.

Getting All the Code, Day-by-Day + Bonuses

I took things further, however, and I’ve edited the series into both an eBook and a print version. Included with either is access to the repository with complete day-by-day branches so that you can work on any aspect of the project, play around, make changes or customizations and then just move to a different chapter.

Can’t get past a certain issue with your syntax or markup? Do a diff against my work and see what got away. Each chapter branch contains the completed, working code for that chapter. You can use the previous chapter’s branch to start work as you follow along from anywhere in the book.

ggg Get Bootstrapping MVC here. For those of us (me included) who still like killing trees and having a paper copy next to the keyboard, I’ve also got a print version available of the book which would make a great addition to any web developer’s library. Finally, for the Kindle readers out there, you can also pick up a copy of the book on Amazon!

Anything specific

If there’s anything specific that you want to know about and/or want me to cover, let me know! Comment below, tweet (mention me, @Canadian James), comment on Facebook, or start a new conversation on LinkedIn.

Happy coding! Happy learning!

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