Enlightened MSDN – Understanding the Benefits of MSDN

Development teams that have MSDN subscriptions see immense value in the offering.  Yes, the subscription provides the user assigned the MSDN license the ability to download enterprise-grade software from Microsoft to use in Dev and Test capacities, but there is so much more to MSDN than just software.  On this episode of Breakpoint, Jonathan, Paul, and guest expert Marco go through the ins and outs of the MSDN subscription offering, including the various tiers of MSDN subscriptions and the associated benefits (which include gold nuggets like free training, Azure benefits and partner software discounts to name a few).


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The Power of the Manual Tester and How Visual Studio Makes You Even Better

When you ask people that build software what some of the common tasks are, a large majority of responses include the word "testing." Testing is IMPORTANT and every software project needs it. In fact, the sooner testing is introduced into the lifecycle, the more effective it is. In this episode of Breakpoint, we are going to discuss the art of Manual Testing. By the end of the episode, you will know different strategies to implement within your software project, how to integrate manual testing into your software, and when manual testers should be involved. You will also learn how the Visual Studio suite of manual testing tools make this job very easy for testers, as well as how these tools you can leverage the data from your test runs to gain insights on how healthy your project is.


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