How to prepare for Windows 10 apps development

The //build conference planned for April promises to be full of exciting Windows 10 content. It is obvious that developers are really excited, but to embark smartly on the Windows 10 adventure, proper preparation is needed beforehand.

What do we already know about Windows 10?

Following the announcements made lately, we know that:

  • Windows 10 will offer a unified development platform for all Windows devices
  • Developers will be able to work on some spotlight Microsoft functionalities such as Cortana assistant, text recognition, tactile, audio, video and even holograms.
  • · This platform will enable the maximisation of developers’ investments, permitting them to lean on the same tools and basic code.
  • This implies that Windows 10 has just attained the notion of Universal apps which was introduced last year under Windows 8.1, to which has been added new functionalities and a broadened range of compatible devices.

It is thus clear that:

“The best way to prepare for Windows 10 development is to start developing Windows Universal applications for Windows 8.1.”

Some resources to get started

Here are some resources which will help you, based on your profile, to undertake the development of Universal Windows apps.


I am new on the platform.


I would like to update my existing applications


Tools and examples of codes


To go further

You can anticipate on viewing how your actual apps run in a preview version of Windows 10 by participating in the Windows Insider Program.

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