Imagine Cup: Team Eye 3 from Queen’s wins Project BluePrint by providing an integrative assistance experience for color blind individuals

Imagine Cup 2015 has been announced. If you are a Canadian Student and not participating in the Global Student Technology Competition, you are missing out! In this blog post, I will discuss specific details about the World Citizenship Category

In my previous post I described how Haters Hater from Waterloo won an honorable mention in the Pitch Video Challenge of the World Citizenship Category for Imagine Cup 2015. This time Canada did not receive an honorable mention, only because our team from Canada won Project Blue Print in the World Citizenship Category.



Team Eye 3 from Queens University is a team of three: Eddie, Zaeem and Jake who are dedicated to make the world a better place, one app at a time! As per the theme of the Citizenship Category, Team Eye 3 addressed a critical issue that the world faces today, an issue with color blindness and how technology can be leveraged to relay visual images to enrich lives of such individuals.

What does Project Ciris do?

Project Ciris provides an integrated assistive experience for color blind individuals

Why is it important ?

700 million people are colour-blind worldwide. In the current world, we use colour in charts, pictures, graphics, and clothing to convey information. These cues are lost on colour-blind people. If these individuals could somehow glean this information, it would enrich their day-to-day lives and solve a whole host of problems. Team Eye3 wants to provide them with a real time visual overlay for their desktop computers, mobile tablets, and smartphone devices. Ciris acts as a host application, translating hard to see colours into visually equivalent colours that are easier for the colour-blind individual to identify. By creating a cohesive, multi-platform solution, they hope to create the universal standard in the field of colour-blind assistive technology.

What technology stack did they use?

Currently they use Microsoft's dev tools from DreamSpark. The code base is C# with the use of various libraries provided by the .NET framework. They are also experimenting with a variety of other languages in the pursuit of extending Ciris to other platforms.

What the team has to say:

"The power of cross collaboration between faculties at Queen's University  really shine here. We are absolutely honored to have been selected as the winners for this challenge, and we can't wait to show the world what's in store for Eye3 and the Ciris technology."

- Eddie | Program: (Bachelor of Commerce Hons.)

"We're really excited about the positive feedback from our professors and the community. We have a real chance to do something helpful to the world and are looking forward to the work ahead."

- Zaeem | Program: (Bachelor's of Computing Hons. | Biomedical Computing)

“We are extremely excited and thankful for all of the feedback from the community, professors and colleagues.  Our team is very excited to continue pushing our limits to have a finished product we are proud of.  We hope to make the world a better place and hope to achieve it through Ciris.”

-Jake | Program: (Bachelor's of Computing Hons.| Software Design)

In short, what Team Eye3 accomplished was to address a social/health issue in the world. We need more teams like this and collected efforts that can unleash the potential of technology to address such issues that enriches living experiences at large. Kudos to Team Eye 3 for their innovative solution and our best wishes to the team and all other teams who are sending in their entries. Keep them coming. We are excited to see the resulting collective good for our society.

As always, I would like to thank our esteemed sponsors, TakingItGlobal for sponsoring the World Citizenship Category for Imagine Cup Canada 2015.


Hurry! Time is running out. You can find all details such as important dates, registration and rules at Please reach out to or me @AdarshaDatta if you have any questions. Looking forward to all your submissions and hoping for a healthy representation in the World Finals of Imagine Cup 2015.


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