Imagine Cup: Achievement Unlocked! TAGStudios gets Honorable Mention in the Games Category

Imagine Cup 2015 has been announced. If you are a Canadian Student and not participating in the Global Student Technology Competition, you are missing out!

Just a short time ago Imagine Cup started with the Pitch Video Challenge. In this challenge, students from all over the world were encouraged to make a pitch of their idea in a 3 minute video. The winners of the Imagine Cup: Pitch Video Challenge 2015 was announced sometime back and I very happy to say that one of our own teams from Canada, TAGStudios, won an Honorable mention in Games Category.  You can check out their awesome pitch in the video below.

Recently I had the chance to chat with TAGStudios. Below is a little more about their project.

What is your game about?

Our game is titled Genesis: Dawn of Aelia, a three-dimensional platformer-RPG hybrid that aims to raise awareness of the grim future of unsustainable lifestyles. The name Aelia stems from the Roman name Aelius, meaning “sun”, a key component to life on Earth. Aelia is an alien species sent to Earth in order to recover it from a post-apocalyptic state. Players restore the planet by executing certain skills, such as horticulture and recycling. So much of today’s knowledge about climate change is focused on prevention, we wouldn’t know how to act if a catastrophe were to happen. Genesis will be a valuable tool in teaching today’s youth about basic scientific skills and their applications in environmental preservation. In terms of gameplay, Genesis is unique in that it combines the controls and navigation of a platformer with core RPG elements. This allows players to traverse worlds vertically while exploring and leveling skills.

Which technology are you using for your game?

Genesis will be developed in Unity using C#. We currently plan on targeting mobile devices, specifically Windows phone and Android devices. Eventually, we plan on using Unity’s cross-platform capabilities to bring Genesis to the Xbox as well.

Who is TAGStudios?


TAGStudiosLogo Gabrielle Quilliam – Bachelor of Computing (Honours) specializing in Software Design  (Queen's University)

Alex DeRosa – Bachelor of Commerce (Queen's University)

Susan Hwang – Bachelor of Computing (Honours)  (Queen's University)

Tammy Jiang – PhD in Computer Software Engineering  (Queen's University)


Congratulations to TAGStudios for their honable mention and good luck in the rest of the Imagine Cup 2015 competition.

Join the fun!

You can find all details such as important dates, registration and rules at Please reach out to or me @Scruffyfurn if you have any questions. Can’t wait to see all the awesome games!

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  1. Dorry Korn says:

    Recovery, Sustainability, and Hope. Way to go  TAGStudios. So proud of you Canadian gals! Beautiful and Brainy. Best of luck. In bringing your game to the market.

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