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If you like to play with code, you'll want to read on. Join Developer Movement, Microsoft Canada's developer rewards program, and earn points for every challenge you complete! Points can be redeemed for a number of great prizes including #DevMov swag, gaming mice/keyboards, Xbox One consoles, Windows Phones and even the coveted Surface Pro 3.

Calling all indie devs, app devs, and new devs alike! Microsoft Canada wants YOU to put your coding skills to the test and earn rewards while having fun! Each month, Developer Movement participants are tasked with challenges spanning some of today's top topics in development: cloud, web, apps, games, and more. Those who complete the challenges successfully earn points, which can be redeemed for some awesome prizes including Xbox Ones, touch screen monitors, Nokia Lumia 1020s, and even the top-tier Surface Pro 3. The structure is simple: each month, one major challenge and five mini challenges are announced. For the major challenges, participants create apps that correspond to the month's themes - this month's theme is sports/fitness. For the mini challenges, the tasks give developers simple tasks in many different languages and platforms - past mini challenges have included Node.JS, MongoDB, PHP, and Unity.

Developer Movement, or #DevMov, as it's fondly called, gives developers of all experience levels an opportunity and a reason to try new things and experiment. A big part of being a developer is staying up to speed with the latest technologies, and #DevMov rewards you for doing just that. It's fun, it's ongoing, and it's free to join - sign up on and start working towards those rewards!

NOTE: As part of a future challenge of #DevMov, participants will be able to earn extra points by sharing the links to their apps in the comments section of this blog post. If you are sharing, comment below! If you are just reading, please check out the apps - you might just find the next big thing.


Sage Franch is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft and blogger at Trendy Techie. Tweet her @theTrendyTechie to get in touch!

Comments (19)

  1. AlexDrenea says:

    Just submitted my best app of the month to the Developer Movement March Major Challenge:…/6ed3b1d3-ccea-4f83-a011-e88ab5a9d90a

    This app, World Time, checks all the boxes of this challenge: it's a utility to help you track time across the world, has Cortana integration so you can easily get the information you need, it is present in both Windows and Windows Phone stores and definitely stands out from the other apps like it.

    Thanks #DevMov for the 3rd year of a great program.

  2. Rob Targosz says:

    Our game Word Portal is now available for download on Windows Phone and Windows 8 stores:

    – Windows 8:…/b16fa069-a74c-497c-90ac-f0a24aed5b79

    – Windows Phone:

    Thanks #DevMov for helping!

    Rob Targosz

    Founder & CEO

    Bent Vector Studios

  3. HEDev says:

    Check out my #DevMov app for both windows 8.1 and windows phone 8.1:

  4. Bob says:

    I made a tools memory game for the #DevMov challenge.…/f00b5206-4426-4c69-bd4a-7bd631888e47

    Thanks #DevMov!

  5. AlexDrenea says:

    Resubmitted another of my Cortana-enabled apps – Cortana Email to the March Major Challenge –…/5511cffc-bcc6-4dce-907d-0bb0077d533f

  6. Eran says:

    Check out my cool universal tool app for the Developer Movement March Major Challenge.…/87e5ff41-0e7f-4065-9f06-0c25addaebd2

    It was never easier to start your own story.

    Supports Win8 & WP. Cortana enabled. We're going for the jackpot this month 😉

  7. MarkMacDonnell says:

    Do you like simple note apps? Like taking those notes by voice? Check out NoteToSelf.

    WP with Cortana integration!



  8. veenov says:

    I just made this fun game for the Developer Movement March Major Challenge:

    Don't smash the baby…/8f98e398-6d28-4f0f-bc80-9bda4e132d5e…/baa2585f-07eb-4b69-bdb8-b202ffc29ac3

  9. EgoAnt says:

    I decided to go with a parenting tool for the March Major Challenge!

    I created an app called Gratz to congratulate my kids for their good behavior!

    Basically I take a picture of each child and then give them stars when they do something good. I also added the ability to give them rewards. Pretty simple, but the kids love it. =)…/0155b430-1f4e-49d4-8fbd-816fd2da01c5

    I love #DevMov! This year I'm shooting for the XBox One!

  10. Vladan says:

    Do you need to quickly split the bill with your friends? Then try this new app now.

    "MY Tab", simply split the bill.…/571760e7-d2bd-437f-ae6b-e636f90256d8…/8b1e8be4-2901-46f7-9de4-b55314a7d804

    [#DevMov Mach Major Challenge]

  11. John Cotter says:

    Just submitted an app to help promote the great city I live in! Fredericton Tourism

    Windows 8:…/d5dd6acd-4006-4bc1-9e9e-7ba0108c035a

    Windows Phone:

  12. schmidtec says:

    You must look into my #DevMov March Major Challenge app: 'EARTHQUAKES: New Zealand'

    Windows 8.1:…/5a396bca-e350-48a8-bce0-4f4c67d3d52e

    Windows Phone:

    Let me know what you think!

    Thank you to Sage, #DevMov, and Microsoft.

  13. Tom Walker says:

    Check out my #DevMov for March Challenge app

    HomeRepairCare (Windows App)…/db18f884-3fd0-4655-99d8-595d9590e566

    HomeRepairCare (Windows Phone)…/b8bb2a46-9498-4825-8ad1-4b95af00e81e

  14. Jérémie says:

    Ever need to draw names from a hat in a pinch? Now you can easily draw names from your tablet, phone or PC with OptiDraw!


    Windows Phone:

    My entry for #DevMov March Major Challenge.

  15. Andisa Codes says:

    Don't get stuck with simple car tasks you can do yourself, and keep up to date with the latest car safety news and recalls. Check out 'Riding Shotgun', my app for the #DevMov March Challenge.

    Windows Store:…/a5dafb67-d324-4d30-abb4-1af0411abaed

    Windows Phone Store:

    Be More! Do More!

  16. Kevin says:

    Check out rColour 2, available in the Windows and Windows Phone store.

    Windows Phone Store:

    Windows Store:…/f2340206-a1fb-4ef6-b6db-c5e9c3e627cc

  17. G C says:

    Just submitted my best app Developer Movement March Major Challenge:

    Make random teams quickly.

    Thanks #DevMov!

  18. Alex Perrier says:

    i've created Pop Passport for Windows Phone 7 and 8, using separate builds for each platform.

    "Pop Passport is the best way to discover and rate over 90 different drinks offered by soda pop machines! […] The app's database currently keeps track of 94 beverages, while another 60 will be added soon."


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