Let the pixel’s fly! Imagine Cup 2015 games competition is here

It’s that time again! Imagine Cup 2015 has been announced. If you’re a student game developer in Canada then this is the competition for you.


Every year, the independent games scene becomes stronger and more vibrant. Amazing games are being made by small teams, and some of them turn into massive hits. More people are playing games, and they're playing them everywhere: on their computers, on consoles, on their phones and mobile devices. The Imagine Cup Games Path is your opportunity to be part of the global games revolution.

The important details

Projects must be developed using at least one product in the Visual Studio family and must be built to require any one or more of the following platforms: Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Azure.

Deadline to enter is April 4 2015 at 8 PM GMT

The Submission requirements

  • A video Presentation of your project to a panel of judges in which your entire team appears on camera to deliver the presentation as if to a panel of judges. This presentation should explain your project and your team: Who is your team is; what your project does; who your project is for; and how you will bring your project to market. Your video must be no longer than 10 minutes and it may not have any edits or added visual effects. You may not move the camera during your presentation. In all respects it should replicate the experience of a judge sitting and viewing your live presentation.
  • Software that is usable by the judges in a hands-on evaluation.
  • Software Instructions document explaining how to use your software.
  • Project Proposal Word or PDF document no longer than ten pages, or a PowerPoint presentation no longer than twenty slides, which explains your project and your team: who your team is; what your project does; who your project is for; and how you will bring your project to market.

The judging criteria

You will receive a score of 1-100 based on the following criteria.


Does the game have a clear target market of audience?

Does the game present a clear and attractive concept of who you are, what you are doing, and why you are doing it?

Is the game's core gameplay understandable and appealing?



Is the game exciting to play?

Is there good player feedback?

Is the game appropriately challenging?

Does the player want to keep coming back for more?

Does the game deliver appealing innovation in gameplay, storytelling, art direction, or other areas?



Is the game easy to learn and use?

Does it have good usability features such as player help, tutorials, and game pause?

Does the game have a professional degree of production in terms of user interface, art, music, and sound?

Does the game perform well and respond crisply to input? Does the game make effective and appropriate use of the major features of its chosen platform(s)

Were there significant platform features or even platforms the project could have benefitted from but failed to utilize?



Does the team have a credible plan for getting their game to market in terms of business model, any required partnerships or licenses, or other factors?

Does the team have any form of external validation for their game such as customer surveys, focus group tests, an active beta-test program, recommendations from subject-matter experts, or potential investors?

Does the game have a reasonable chance of success in its appropriate market given the team’s existing plan


The Prize

The 1st place team in the Games Competition will win one (1) 30 minute Skype Call with a recruiter from the Microsoft Gaming Studios, AND one (1) 30 minute Skype Call with Éric Chartrand… Wow!

Éric has 15 years of experience as a game designer; shipping 13 games and 2 sets of downloadable content. Éric has occupied many different roles over the years including game designer, level designer, lead level designer, and lead game designer. Éric has also been lucky enough to work at 5 different studios which allowed him to learn multiple processes, visions, and approaches to game development.  He worked on many different types of games on various franchises from Scooby-Doo to Mass Effect, from Dead Space to NHL and SSX.  His passion for games, narrative, and world immersion still drives him after all these years.

Éric is also helping develop the next generation of game developers. He has been teaching at l’INIS for the past 9 years, helping aspiring designers understand what it takes to become a great game designer.

The next steps

  1. Find a team Print
  2. Register your team here
  3. Develop your application
  4. Submit your project by April 4th, 2015 8PM GMT

For any other details, please refer www.imaginecup.ca or drop an email to ImagineCupCanada@microsoft.com.

Canada will send one team to the World finals in Seattle Washington to compete for the Imagine Cup and $50,000! It could be you!

Register today at www.imaginecup.ca

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