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250px-Microsoft-DirectX-Logo-wordmark.svgIf you are interested in ‘AAA’ game design there is one set of skills that is critical, C++ and advanced engine experience. Having the knowledge of developing games with an API like DirectX is really sought after in developers these days. A lot of developers shy away from C++ and DirectX due to its perceived difficulty. While yes at times it can be difficult, it is no where near the nightmare some developers make it out to be. If you are willing to jump in and stick with it the pay off is huge. Being able to code at a lower level will give you a better understanding of engines in general, allow you to implement better performance improvements, and the flexibility to alter an engine’s design to fit your needs.

To help ease the learning curve we have some really awesome upcoming Microsoft Virtual Academy courses that will walk through the process of working withimages DirectX. This new set of courses continues to build from our original MVA course “Introduction to C++ and DirectX Game Development”. We look at common features like SkyBox’s, Shader effects, working with models, implementing audio, and even how to convert older DirectX templates to the latest version. We will dive deep into these topics providing code and examples that demonstrate how to implement them. We will discuss the pain points and ways to avoid them. Finally we will round out the course by giving you solid resources and options for moving forward with your studies of DirectX.

This new course will be split into four parts, starting with day one this Thursday January 8th at 9am PST / 12pm EST. Don’t worry if you can’t catch the live stream, the on demand video should be available shortly thereafter.

So if you are ready to take that leap and really take your game development to the next level, join us for our Microsoft Virtual Academy course on C++ and DirectX game development.

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  1. R says:

    Where to subscribe

  2. @R: You would register right on the MVA home page using the link included in the post above.

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