TIP: Don’t Touch! Well okay go ahead…Touch Support in Visual Studio 2015

Today’s tip shows you the touch support added to the code editor in Visual Studio 2015

We recently announced the Visual Studio 2015 preview. So this week I wanted to share

If you have a touch screen device, then chances are, like me, you find yourself reaching out more and more to tap the screen instead of reaching for your mouse. If so, you will love the new touch support in the code editor of Visual Studio 2015 allows you to select code, bring up the context menu, or zoom in and our using touch!

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  1. George says:

    For me it's hard to imagine a real developer that, even if it has an expensive 22-inch touchscreen monitor, would stretch it's hand to touch it during day-to-day development..

    Even those using a laptop for development, usually they connect it to an external 22"-24" monitor.

    Most developers use mainly the keyboard, and rarely the mouse when writing code.

  2. Susan Ibach says:

    Hi George,

    Like you, I mostly the keyboard when coding, that's why many of my favorite tips are keyboard shortcuts 🙂 When I am at my desk I have my touch laptop connected to a docking station so I have a dual monitor set up as well (and sometimes wish I had a 3-4 monitor arrangement!)

    How much do I use touch at home where I have the second monitor? I find I use it mostly for scrolling, because I am already in the habit of using touch to scroll on web pages. I find reaching up to tap the screen is faster than reaching over to the mouse.

    I also frequently have to do code on the road with just my laptop (customer site, hotel rooms, airplanes). In those scenarios I use touch more, especially on a plane where there isn't room on those tiny trays to use a mouse and I'm not a big fan of trackpads, so knowing I can do things like bring up the context menu with touch is nice.

    but that's just my personal style, if anyone else has opinions on whether or not they would use touch in a code editor, certainly interested in hearing them!

  3. david.paquette@usask.ca says:

    My primary developer machine at home is a Yoga Pro 2. I spend a lot of time coding on the go and have found the lack of touch support frustrating at times. This is a welcome new feature!

  4. Selecting is useless without easy Copy/Paste says:

    We still have to use a sniper touch to get to the Copy/Paste options or hold and context menu to get to Copy/Paste.

    How about an easy to use touch menu for copy/paste that shows up right next to your selected text? Also GRAB POINTS for adjusting the selection bigger or smaller? Come on!!! As it is this is barely an improvement!

  5. Susan Ibach says:

    Sounds like a great feature to request at Visual STudio User voices… you can go there to make suggestions on what they should improve in the next release visualstudio.uservoice.com/…/121579-visual-studio

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