Driving the Value of the Internet of Things

When I saw this video, my first reaction was “Wow.. that’s looks so futuristic!” and while it may be the future, it is not futuristic at all – it’s technology that is present today! It just fascinates me as to what can be done when you put a whole bunch of technologies together to solve a specific problem.

I’d like you to watch the video below… but don’t look at it as a case study for Autolib. I’d like you to look at it from the perspective of what’s now more easily possible with the Internet of Things (IoT), the Cloud, or just technology in general.


In any major city, rush-hour driving can be quite miserable. Rather than sit idly by, officials in Paris decided to take action to ease congestion, noise and pollution. They created an intelligent car-sharing service built on Microsoft technologies that's transforming the Paris commute and taking thousands of cars off the roads. By connecting devices and harnessing new data streams, the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a streamlined and personalized customer experience.

Your Thoughts

Now that you’ve watched the video, what came to mind as you were watching and after you were done watching? Does stuff like this excite and/or motivate you to see what you can do in the IoT space? To me, this space is so fascinating. I’d love to hear from you. Tweet your answer to @cdndevs, post on our Facebook wall, or chime in to the conversation on LinkedIn and let me know!

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