MonoGame for the XNA Developer (#Gamedev w/ @ScruffyFurn)


When XNA was put into “stasis” a huge hole was created in the game development tool space. In this latest episode of #Gamedev w/ @ScruffyFurn I rant about the heartache I suffered with the retirement of XNA and take a look at my newly budding relationship with MonoGame,, the open source implementation of XNA. Special guest Bryan Griffiths shares great insights and offers amazing advice from his years of experience in “AAA” and Indie game development.

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  1. Dan Colasanti says:

    FYI: Installing MonoGame 3.2 and using the Visual Studio game template doesn't work for Windows Phone (it'll show a black screen & won't call Initialize, Update, or Draw).  Installing the nuget package fixes that.  It should also be noted that there are some other issues too: touch-gestures are a bit flaky still (can throw exceptions/freeze your game), the Media class (for playing SoundFX and music) has some issues with detecting if user-music is already playing & playing all PCM formats, vibration controller is limited (no force control), and there's no Microphone or DynamicSoundEffectInstance classes (and some others are missing or partially implemented too).  It's headed in a good direction – much improved over previous versions, but it could really benefit from Microsoft open-sourcing XNA and allowing MonoGame to copy it wholesale.

  2. Den says:

    Yes, open-source the XNA. There should be no reason not to do this. Contribute to MonoGame, win the community back.

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