Its all about being Open!


Why Open?

One of the coolest things to happen at Microsoft is embracing and supporting Openness. This is about how we, as a company, collaborate with others in the  industry and how we listen to our customers. Its about the choice that we give to our customers and developers. Right from supporting Linux, Drupal, Java, Hadoop, PHP, NodeJS, HTML5 and Python to extending our support on the cloud through Microsoft Azure, Microsoft has embraced openness. In fact, Microsoft has partnered with 150+ standard bodies, 400+ working groups around the world to ensure that our technology works with every one else’s.



Cloud and Open Technologies

Microsoft Azure is open, flexible and a scalable platform which is a great choice for app creation. Azure supports virtual machines on several Linux flavors such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Suse.  Not only does it support open platforms but also open development tools. As already mentioned above the support for the various development tools is pretty exhaustive. For example, look into what we have in store for Azure and PHP at the PHP Development Centre, a rich resource for tutorials and documentation, which will enable you to get started with development on the cloud. Also look into the support for PHP tools for Visual Studio, which provides a well known editor for PHP, HTML/JAVA/CSS support and most importantly integration with Azure itself.


How can you get involved with this now?

TrueNorthPHP is one of the biggest conferences that hosts the PHP community in Toronto taking place on Nov 6th, 7th & 8th in the Microsoft Campus at Mississauga. The conference showcases some world class speakers talking about various topics such as Clean Application Development, Security and a whole gamut of relevant and interesting topics. One of the most important components of the conference is a hackathon called Azure API Challenge taking place on Day 2, Nov 7th.

Again, the details of the event is as follows:

Date: Nov 6th, 7th, 8th

Venue: Microsoft Canada, 1950 Meadowvale Blvd. Mississauga, ON L5N8L9

Come hack with us, attend some of the best talks and let us celebrate the movement to openness together. You can connect with Mickey (@ScruffyFurn) or me, Adarsha (@AdarshaDatta) anytime for further details.

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