BREAKPOINT: Get Your Data On with SQL Server and Visual Studio


When data is transformed into information it becomes a powerful and actionable tool for decision-making. But data doesn't exist in a vacuum. Some of the best SQL server tools for data development run within Visual Studio. Paul Laberge and Jonathan Rozenblit show you how to harness the power of SQL Server or Windows Azure SQL Database data and show you how to use Visual Studio data tools to turn it into valuable information.


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On the Next Episode of Breakpoint

Microsoft Azure - A Perfect Server-Side Solution for Mobile Apps

One of the challenges developers face is finding the right platform to host backend services for apps.  While the application is the piece of the puzzle users interact with, much of the magic happens behind the scenes, in the Cloud.  Microsoft has built a number of capabilities into its Azure cloud platform specifically for mobile application scenarios.

On the next episode of Breakpoint, Jonathan Rozenblit and Paul Laberge will discuss the various options for mobile backends in Microsoft Azure, including Mobile Services, Azure Websites, Azure SQL Databases, and Cloud Services.  They will make sure you understand how these services can boost your app building productivity and your users’ experience inside your app as well as how to choose the right mix of these services for what you are trying to build, regardless of whether your app is on iOS, Android, Windows or other platforms.


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