TIP: Where Does the Open Brace Go?

Want to start a fight between two coders? Ask them if the open brace goes on a new line or at the end of the method declaration! Luckily you can set up Visual Studio to put the brace in whichever location YOU prefer. Go to Quick Launch and type in "format" you will find lots of great options to control how your code is formatted by default in Visual Studio. Once you have the settings the way you want them, just use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+K+D to reformat any existing code.  See formatting in action in this short video.

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Comments (2)

  1. PaulTDessci says:

    What would be great is if one could manually format some sample code, select it, and command Visual Studio set its formatting options based on what it sees.

  2. peaceloveharmony@live.ca says:

    Ha! That's great, I didn't know about this one.

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