A webcast for those afraid of code !

StressedIf you know anyone who wants to learn how to code but isn’t sure how to start, or tried in the past and failed, have them join us September 23/24th for a Microsoft Virtual Academy Introduction to Programming with Python.

“In the end, coding is really about solving problems with code”

I have met a lot of individuals who want to learn how to code. There are lots of online resources out there that introduce you to a programming language, but all too often they assume you already know the basics of coding. September 23,24th from 9 AM – 5 PM Pacific time, Christopher Harrison (@GeekTrainer) and Susan Ibach (@HockeyGeekGirl) will be presenting a JumpStart on Microsoft Virtual Academy that teaches a complete beginner Introduction to Programming with Python.

Python is a popular beginner programming language and once you’ve mastered the basics it can be used for anything from web development to entering the world of the internet of things! The concepts you learn will also make it easier for you to learn other programming languages as well. Once you have mastered the basic concepts, the rest is just a matter of learning the syntax of other languages.

I promise we will do our best to have some fun along the way, and after each module we complete you will be able to solve more and more problems using code. In the end, coding is really about solving problems with code. That’s the approach we take to this webcast. How do you solve different types of problems with code.

So whether it’s your daughter, your dad, or your neighbor who has been asking you ‘I’m interested in learning more about programming what’s a good way to start’ this is their chance to enter the world of coding! Register today.

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