Visual Studio and the Role of the Architect

Application Architects are a vital part of any custom development project. They create the design of the software to be built, guide Development teams through the process of implementation, help the Quality Enablement teams understand the system and how to interpret test results, provide context on the system to Operations teams and act as a bridge between the Business Analysis Management and Stakeholder teams work with the technical teams so that they speak the same language. It's not an easy job, to say the least! But like any role in a software project, they need help as well as some of that help comes in the form of tools to help them do their jobs.  

On this episode of Breakpoint, Paul Laberge and I explore the various architectural tools built into Visual Studio and how they can help your team build better software.


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  1. Winston says:

    I work with visual studio,and truly enjoy your lessons..

    Always willing to learn more,Keep up the good work…

  2. Winston, thanks so much for that feedback. I'm truly glad to hear and look forward to being to continue bring enjoyable lessons to you!

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