Don’t Launch Your Universal Windows Store App Before Reading This

Your Universal Windows Store App is ready to go to the Windows Phone and Windows 8 markets and I am assuming you have read the 5 most important resources before building your app. Well, don't launch just yet! There's a few things that you need to make your app an even greater success on the market. No, the following three things have nothing to do with the quality of your code but they will help you get more downloads. 

1. Make Better Use of Your About Page

Every app has an about page, but how many users actually learn anything from that page? Not much... yet as a developer, you are missing out on so much opportunity to promote your company or your other apps. You can also use this opportunity to share or hint at your upcoming apps, get more shares on social media, among other things... Take a look at the 8 ways you can make better use of About page in your app.

2. A Better Way to Get Rated

App ratings are important to ranking and visibility in all app stores. Addressing user feedback in a timely manner keeps your users happy and using your app longer. However, do not  interrupt your users when they are trying to accomplish something just so to get a rating. Furthermore, you should be asking for feedback and communicating with your users, not just asking for 5 stars. Smashing Magazine, always the purveyor of good ideas, has an excellent article on a better way to request app ratings

3. Launch a Landing Page First

I have met a few developers who will simply launch an app into the store without a landing page (or any web presence come to think of it). The store rankings is all that matters right? No. You need to have an active online presence before you even start developing your app. On launch day, you want to launch to a sizeable audience that will download your app right away (thus also helping you make the trending charts). Now, to set up a landing page - there are hundreds of services out there that will do it for you - before you start coding, you will need windows phone mockups to showcase your apps. This page has 14 Windows Phone mockups – Free and Paid PSDs for you to use.

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