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Shiny Toys Edition, Spring 2014
If you are an avid user of Visual Studio, you may already know that the VS product team is now releasing quarterly updates on the tooling and this Spring is no different.  Earlier this spring, the Visual Studio team released Update 2 (Spring Update) for Visual Studio 2013.  What was also announced earlier this spring was the CTP (Community Technology Preview) for Update 3 for Visual Studio 2013 due out later this summer or early fall.  And if that wasn’t enough, we released a VERY early preview of the next major version of Visual Studio, codenamed “Visual Studio 14”.  On this episode of Breakpoint, Jonathan and Paul go over the features that were released in VS 2013 Update 2, the features that were discussed as possible feature candidates for VS 2013 Update 3, as well as what the current thinking on what was announced in the early preview build of “VS 14”.


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EP6 - Code, Manage, Test, and Deploy Directly From the Cloud
Code, manage, test and deploy your applications directly from the cloud. On this episode of Breakpoint, Jonathan and Paul walk you through Visual Studio Online. Become familiar with the tools associated with Visual Studio Online, learn how to create a new project in Visual Studio Online and publish it to the cloud or on-premise, get a deeper understanding of the new analytics platform called Application Insights and how it can help your software today, create and execute a load test from the Cloud without the need to set up a complex test rig, and more.

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