Escape from Windows XP, Now a Game

Last Tuesday marked the end of life of Windows XP! For some, it has been an easy transition to Windows 7 or Windows 8. For others, not so much. Either way, congratulations for getting it done!

Now it’s time to have some fun with it! Enter Escape from XP, proudly brought to you by the Internet Explorer team.

Escape From XP

Long, long ago, Window XP rose like a phoenix from the ashes of Windows 2000. As newer operating system came along, Windows XP clung to life, a pestilence on the peaceful developer community. With their community thrown into turmoil, most developers fled ages ago… one still remains. One main. One hero, still supporting IE6 on XP. Now, he’s fighting the final battle for his people – to destroy it once and for all.

It’s time for his escape. Here. Now. Tonight…


Click to play.


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