Day 1 of //build/ In a Nutshell

I have the pleasure of being here in San Francisco to experience //build first hand, and it has been amazing so far. A lot was talked about yesterday, so I put together this recap to give you day 1 in a nutshell.

Notable announcements of day 1

  • Windows 8.1 update is available today via MSDN, and on April 8th via Windows Update for all
  • Visual Studio 2013 update 2 RC released, get it here.
  • Windows Phone 8.1 available this month for developers registered with Windows Phone Preview for Developers, June for end users (depending on carriers…).

Universal apps

  • New model in VS2013 update 2 to create apps for both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1, and later Xbox One as well (so “Universal” in the terms of Windows…)
  • Today you can create an app that shares XAML, C#/C++, Javascript code across your Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 projects.
  • A new touch version of Office is being written as an universal app
  • “Shared app identities” allows users to purchase an app once and use it on Windows and Phone!

Windows 8.1 Update

  • Series of enhancements for better mouse/keyboard integration with Metro and the desktop (at least!!)
  • Default boot to desktop mode for non touch systems!
  • Desktop: Pin Windows Store apps to the taskbar, right-click context menus, …
  • Start menu is back with vengeance and tiles support!
  • Windows free for 9” and less screen devices!

Windows Phone 8.1

  • Cortana (beta): new digital personal assistant for WP8.1, replacing the Bing search button.
  • More customizable lock screen + API
  • Action Center, a pull down notification bar that allows quick access to app info and settings
  • Support for multi-SIM phones
  • New workflow keyboard with swipe interface
  • Support for Bluetooth LE (i.e. Fitbit)
  • New Nokia devices: Lumia 630 (with on-screen buttons) and Lumia 930

The 15 Minute Highly Recommended Video To Get You Up to Speed


Click to watch.

More Goodness

Check back tomorrow for the recap of day 2!

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