Ready, Set, //Build


Whoa! Less than a month to go before //Build. I know that some of you are already gearing up to go and take in all of the latest and greatest that the conference will unlock. On the other hand, some (myself included) will be staying put, but are similarly, looking to stretch our dev muscles a bit. As such, I feel compelled, to help get you on a “dev” workout plan.

Gear Up – Pre-Build Building Block Sessions


What would you want to tackle in your plan? Some programming fundamentals? Some app building? Little bit of web development? Throw in some JavaScript and open source libraries? Allow me to introduce you to //Building Blocks, a virtual 3 day “dev muscle” boot camp.

Your boot camp begins on March 26 with Initialize(), a day focused on various paradigms – comparing JavaScript and C# side by side on the Microsoft platform (read: showing how both work just as well on the Microsoft platform). Then on March 27, Construct() will show you how to create layouts and style with XAML and HTML5 (read: Developers CAN make pretty apps with the right tools OR if you do WPF today, you can build apps with the same XAML skills OR if you build websites today, you can build apps with the same HTML5 skills). Lastly, on March 28, Extend() will push your workout farther and take you into the world of mobile app and smart device strategies.

After your 3 day “fix”, you’ll be set on a path of learning and doing to explore further, dig deeper, and challenge yourself to do more.

You’re sure to see the results!

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