Fortune and Glory, Kid. Fortune and Glory. (or Just Fun)

To continue the conversation that Bruce Johnson started earlier this week with his post, Taking It to the Next Level, Syd Millett presented the below session at Windows 8: Pure Imagination (all of the sessions from the two-day event are available for you to watch when you please. You can also find them in the Canadian Developer Connection Windows Store and Windows Phone apps.) where he goes through, in more detail, how the Windows Store works for the apps you’re building, how to publish apps, tips and tricks for having successful download numbers, getting features, and how to keep a user coming back to your app once it is out there.

Just For Fun

In case you’re wondering where the title is from: In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana talks to the character called Short Round about a stone with special powers called the Sankara Stone.  Short Round asks Indiana "What is Sankara?" to which Indiana replies "Fortune and glory, kid.  Fortune and glory." So in other words, in this session, you’ll learn the path to Fortune and Glory on the Windows Store.  Moral of this session:  be Indiana Jones.

As You Publish Your Apps…Think Developer Movement

Of course, since we’re on the topic of publishing apps, in case you haven’t had a chance to read some of the older posts here on the Canadian Developer Connection, Developer Movement is all about publishing apps! To find out more about Developer Movement, check out these posts:

180x150_DM_CDC_v1If you need the quick gist - Developer Movement is Canada’s app building rewards program. As you build Windows Store and/or Windows Phone apps, optionally backed by Windows Azure services, you earn points that you can use towards rewards such as gizmos and gadgets, home theatre systems, laptops, and others. With the above in mind, with one app idea, publishing an app for Windows Store and Windows Phone can earn you 10,000 points (plus additional points for additional features. See the points breakdown for more information.) If you’re not already a member of the Developer Movement, join today! (You actually start earning reward points simply by signing up.)

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