2012 In Review, 2013 At a Glance

First and foremost, Happy New Year! May it be a year full of learning new things, developing skills, and most importantly building - building apps, new careers, or better yet, new careers building apps!

Over the holidays, I took the opportunity to go through the Canadian Developer Connection and see what 2012 was all about:

2012: A Year of Microsoft Milestones

There were also quite a few momentous occasions for Microsoft as a company with product launches like Windows 8, Windows Phone, Windows Server 2012, Office 2013, SQL 2012, Halo 4, and of course, I can’t forget – Surface. Check out this video that captures it all.

Looking Ahead

Enough of looking back at 2012. Let’s look at what to expect this year - much more of the above, but bigger and better! Stay tuned via the Canadian Developer Connection Blog, Windows Store and Windows Phone apps, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

With that, here’s to a great 2013!

Photo Credit: ba1969

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