Building Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 Apps

Try it for freeAs you may have heard, back in October, the new Office RTM'd and was named the most ambitious release of Office ever, spanning the full family of Office applications, servers and cloud services. With all of that comes a new developer opportunity - using existing Web development skills to deliver a new class of apps that augment the Office and SharePoint.

Be one of the first to start building apps that have the potential to reach millions of users of Office and Office 365 worldwide! How? The Cloud App Model for Office and SharePoint introduces the ability to create apps that extend and personalize the way you create and consume information within Office and SharePoint. You can build Office and SharePoint-based apps using familiar web development languages, favourite web development tools, and use any hosting service to run and deploy the apps. Publish and sell your apps on the Office Store to have your apps seamlessly discovered/inserted into Office and SharePoint from within the product.

DevCamps on Office and SharePoint are coming to Montreal and Vancouver in the coming months. Register for Montreal and Vancouver. Additionally, check out these online training modules.

To get started building Office and SharePoint-based applications:

  1. Visit MSDN and explore the possibilities of Office and SharePoint apps
  2. Get familiar with the Office cloud service by trying Office 365 ProPlus first-hand, for free
  3. Install the tools to develop your app, then publish it through the Seller Dashboard
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