Introducing Windows Store App Labs for App Builders

Did you know that if you are building a Windows 8 app and are located in Toronto or Vancouver that you can:

  • Get guidance on how to prepare your app for submission to the Windows Store.
  • Get answers to technical questions.
  • Test on a wide variety of Windows 8 devices including ARM devices.
  • Receive design guidance as well.

No? Well now you do! This is an EXCELLENT opportunity for app builders especially given that it’s free! Currently, we are only hosting these in Vancouver & Toronto but will be expanding to other cities and providing a virtual option soon.

As you can imagine, these are filling up fast. So register ASAP so you don't miss out. 

Also, don't forget to register today for your Windows Store account so you can secure your app name and be ready for when you are ready to submit your app!


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