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Windows 8: Pure Imagination


I just posted this over on WootStudio and I thought I should surface the information here as well. If you haven’t yet read the post go on I’ll wait… Ok good so have you registered? Are you excited? You should be!

 Click here to register for Windows 8: Pure Imagination


Not just for startups

Windows 8: Pure Imagination is for everyone, from designers to developers, gamers, students & yes startups. Resident blogger Jonathan covers this well in his post “Great Apps Are Inspired by Pure Imagination”. But I know lots of developers in the corporate world who are intrigued by their counterparts in the startup space so here’s you’re chance to learn, mingle & hack together. If you are interested in moving to the startup world and have an idea or you have a question for a VC then you should certainly check out the ‘Ask a VC’ session for your chance to have a some 1:1 time with a top Canadian VC. If this sounds interesting then do check out that blog post on WootStudio for more details.


As much as I love attending sessions and learning about technology from great presenters (and we certainly have that covered with tracks for design, development, gaming and the cloud) I also know that hacking away on an idea is a great way to learn and explore. That’s why there will also be a 24-hour hackathon starting Saturday at 4:00pm and going all night and day until Sunday 4:00pm with prizes for best student app, best UX, best app that uses Windows Azure and overall best app to be judged by our panel of experts.


&Build with 500px


We’ve got local rockstars Shopify & 500px to come out and pimp their APIs to inspire you and make the hackathon a blast.They will be onsite to speak to you about their companies, their APIs and provide guidance and inspiration. So click on either the links or logos above to be taken to their respective developer/API pages and get a head start! Which API do you think you are going to hack on? Let me know on twitter @marc_gagne


So what kind of prizes are we talking about? How about some Nokia Lumia 920’s for the winners, as well as gift cards and swag. I’ve also heard rumors that we might have a couple of Nokia Lumia 800’s to give away as well!

Choose you're app name

If you already have an app idea (or as soon as you do) I highly suggest registering it in the app store to make sure you reserve your app name. If you are not a BizSpark startup member you can register here however if you are with BizSpark (for startups) or DreamSpark (for students) you get one year free, details here.


This is a Windows 8 hackathon, so come prepared with a laptop running Windows 8 & with Visual Studio!

Follow me @marc_gagne for more updates, details and general awesomeness!

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